Enjoy surfing in Tenerife North


Surf Class

38€ / person

2 to 3 hours − Include board, wetsuit, teacher

Daily Rental

30€ / board

Board of your choice (longboard, shortboard, SUP)

Half-Day Rental

20€ / board

Board of your choice (longboard, shortboard, SUP)

If you want to surf for many days :

If you want to do another activity (Kayak, SUP…) :

Book a session with us now ! Call :


(+34) 664 - 114 - 492


Well… we surf everyday bro' !

Usually there's one class in the morning from 10am to 12:30pm.

And one in the afternoon from 3pm to 5:30pm.

Schedule might be flexible depending of surfing conditions.

Call us now to pick a time together :


(+34) 664 - 114 - 492


Hi ! My name is Gonzalo

I've been surfing for 17 years. And teaching surf for 7 years. And I freaking love it !

You'll be surfing with me and/or another teacher of my surf school and we'll show you how to have a great surfing experience.

Either you're a total beginner, a casual surfer or an experienced rider :p

Looking forward to catch some waves with you !

Call me today to surf :

(+34) 664 114 492